Advanced materials for the solar and semi-conductor industry.

HPQM plans to become a top 3 producer/supplier of High Purity Quartz Sand.

High Purity Quartz Sand is a necessary raw material essential for the manufacture of solar PV and semiconductors.

HPQ Materials fundamentals are strong and aligned with climate change and innovation agendas in the high growth Solar PV and Electronics sector.

HPQM provides a unique exposure to the solar PV and semiconductor supply chains in markets where demand is booming and access to high quality raw materials is key (analogous to battery storage/lithium markets).

  • High Tech Markets

    Supplying products to key markets: Solar, Semiconductor and Speciality Quartz Applications.

  • Quality Products

    The company has at its core a focus on delivering quality products of exceptional purity.

  • Experienced Team

    Management have a strong track record of delivering projects on time and as planned.

  • Fully Integrated

    With ownership of raw materials and processing capabilities, HPQM is a fully integrated supplier of High Purity Quartz Products.

Our Products

HPQM is focused on delivering a range of raw materials into a range of high tech applications.
Speciality Quartz

High end optics, speciality glass.

Solar Quartz

High purity quartz sand for solar crucibles and quartzware.

Semiconductor Quartz

Ultra high purity quartz sand for semiconductor crucibles and grade tooling.

Our Team

An experienced dedicated management team covering all necessary disciplines.
Stuart Jones
Stuart Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Experienced listed company C-level executive with background in international banking • Significant commercial and financial experience in companies with mix of international operations and early stage project developments. •Significant small/mid-cap corporate development experience.
Jason May
Jason May
Chief Technology Officer
•Experienced C-level executive with significant technology expertise. •High purity quartz technical expert. •Significant solar and semiconductor market development experience.
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Chief Commercial Officer
• Result-orientated experienced senior executive with background in Finance and Resource sectors. • Experience incorporate project management, business development, mining and exploration, operations management and logistics.
Brook Burke
Brook Burke
Company Secretary & General Counsel
•Experienced General Counsel and Company Secretary with ASX 200 listed public energy and resource companies •Significant greenfield mineral project development expertise, particularly in Queensland


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