October 23, 2015

the team

Experienced and dedicated management team possessing the skills required to lead HPQM   

Commercial – Financial  –  Technical  –  Sales & Marketing  –  Operational  –  Supply Chain –  Legal  –  Risk  – Compliance  –  International

Meet the Team

Stuart Jones – Co-Founder

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  • Experienced listed company C-level executive with background in international banking
  • Significant commercial and financial experience in companies with mix of international operations and early stage project developments
  • Significant small/mid-cap corporate development experience

Jason May – Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

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  • Experienced C-level executive with significant technology expertise.
  • High purity quartz technical expert
  • Significant solar and semiconductor market development experience.

Brook Burke – Company Secretary, GC & Co-Founder

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  • Experienced General Counsel and Company Secretary with ASX 200 listed public energy and resource companies
  • Significant greenfield mineral project development expertise.

Andrew Hamilton – Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder

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  • Result-orientated, experienced senior executive with background in Finance and Resource sectors.
  • Experience incorporates project management, business development, mining and exploration, operations management and logistics.

HPQM management has previously designed, built and operated a solar grade materials production pilot plant. 

  • Produced solar grade high purity quartz sand (HP7 grade).
  • Demonstrated production of grades with total impurities as low as 19-25 ppm, well ahead of solar grade quartz sand requirements (HP7 grade).
  • Importantly, aluminium (Al) levels are at the levels required to produce semiconductor grade material (HP9)
  • Designed and implemented custom processing methods, testing and quality assurance procedures for High Purity Quartz production.
  • Refined and confirmed the chemical recipes for beneficiation of .

The management team has completed all design, engineering, flow sheets, mass balances, project plans, logistics, financial projections and budgets for the funding, development and operation of an advanced materials production facility in Australia.