December 2, 2015


Our Corporate approach 

We look to differentiate our business, brand and culture on the basis of:-

  • our values as an innovative manufacturing business in the strongly growing renewable energy and the IoT supply chain
  • our advantaged asset base providing high chemical purity raw material as a feedstock to our process
  • our low operating costs
  • the technical know-how of our team
  • sound governance principles
  • collaborative approach to partners with a common vision and shared values

Maximise value from our ownership of  high purity quartz deposits through low-risk, low cost beneficiation process

Establish the HPQM brand as being globally relevant in the strong growth solar PV / semi-conductor industries

Expose product sales to strong market and price fundamentals to maximise value

Collaborate to establish downstream manufacture growth opportunities via JV and partnering in Australia/overseas

Communicate our business and values as a participant in the renewable energy value/supply chain to ensure a positive legacy

HPQM Process Overview 


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 2.21.21 PMProcess Overview


The Asset Base

  • 99.99% pure quartz in situ.
  • Estimated ROM of 3-8 million tonnes
  • Provides estimated mine life of 45-80 years
  • Simple surface scree excavation followed by later drill and blast of outcropping resource
  • Other assets under consideration


Activities planned for 2016Year 1 Gantt type schematic v1

To download our corporate presentation click here: HPQM website presentation