October 22, 2015


Welcome to the HPQ Materials website.

The HPQM team want to share a little of our vision, mission and the values which drive our company.

We plan to become a globally relevant supplier of high purity quartz silica and related advanced materials to high growth Solar PV, Semiconductor and high grade quartzware industries.

We will achieve our objectives through continued innovation and collaboration with select partners to capture opportunities in the Solar PV and Semiconductor manufacturing value chain in Australia and overseas.

We own long-life, high purity quartz resources which are 99.99% pure silica in raw state and which allow for cost effective extraction and beneficiation to purity levels required by the markets we serve.

High demand growth for our advanced materials is primarily driven by growth in the manufacture of Solar PV equipment which in turn is stimulated by growing demand for Solar PV as a renewable energy generation source.

Solar PV is projected to significantly grow its share of the global energy mix as nations commit to renewable energy targets and reduce Co2 emissions in order to limit the impacts of global warming.

We have the asset base and expertise to contribute significantly to supporting the growth of Solar PV as a renewable energy source. We seek to collaborate to create a new vertically integrated Solar PV industry in Australia and also to support existing Solar PV equipment manufacturing businesses overseas.

We also look to serve equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor and high purity quartzware industries. Semiconductor growth will continue to be strong due to demand for digital connectivity of devices and other physical objects, known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our materials are also used in the manufacture of low energy LED light bulbs which are set to be a significant contributor to a material reduction of energy used for lighting purposes in developed and developing  nations.

We are targeting commencement of production of solar grade materials in Q3 2017. Production of semiconductor grade materials are scheduled to commence in Q2 2018. We will ramp up production to become a major supplier of high purity Solar, Semiconductor and quartzware grade materials globally.

Our customers, potential customers and collaborators are invited to engage with us as we participate fully in the drive for a cleaner, smarter and healthier environment for future generations.

Stuart Jones

HPQ Materials