The company operates out of two primary locations in Australia. In Far North Queensland the company owns a high purity quartz mine, Sugarbag Hill. With a 20+ year mine life, the company is in a strong position to supply high purity quartz materials to the high-tech markets for decades to come.

The Sugarbag Hill quartz is a hydrothermal quartz with an in situ purity of 99.99% SiO2. The quartz body is approximately 800m long and has an estimated volume of greater than 2 million tonnes.

Resource is a visibly outcropping raw quartz resource tested at depth. 16 holes drilled to date forming 6 sections. Drilled to 60m and open at depth.

The company maintains its corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Mined quartz will be preprocessed in Queensland, and a crushed aggregate will be transported by rail to the companies processing plant in Melbourne, Victoria.

In Melbourne, the quartz will be further refined to a high purity sand and purified to solar and semiconductor grade products. This quartz processing involves a combination of physical mineral separation techniques, acid leaching, and high-temperature treatments.
The processed quartz products initially are targeted at an export market, but in the longer term, HPQ Materials is interested in fostering local Australian manufacturing operations.

Sugarbag Hill is a fully permitted Mining Lease


Permits, Authorities and Agreements
Mining Lease Granted – Title registered in name of HPQM at DNRM Yes
Land Owner Mining and Access Agreements in place x4 Yes
Environmental Authority granted Yes
Indigenous Land Use Agreement in place Yes
All regulatory rents, costs, fees and expenses paid up to date Yes