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The ultra-pure, super-secret sand that makes your phone possible

The processor that makes your laptop or cell phone work was fabricated using quartz from this obscure Appalachian backwater. BY VINCE BEISER FRESH FROM CHURCH on a cool, overcast Sunday morning in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, Alex Glover slides onto the plastic bench of a McDonald’s booth. He rummages through his knapsack, then pulls[…]


Mono and multi production 50:50 in 2018, but mono is the future

By Finlay Colville, Head of Solar Intelligence, Solar Media. Mono c-Si cell production is forecast to account for 49% of all c-Si cell production in 2018, and will become the dominant technology used in the PV industry by 2019, according to new research contained in the latest release of the PV Manufacturing & Technology Quarterly[…]


Cracking the feedstock puzzle for larger solar ingots

By Til Bartel Solar ingots are large blocks of silicon carefully solidified in a high purity crucible. Great care is given to the crystalline quality of these ingots since wafers extracted from them determine the performance of the finished solar cell. Producing such an ingot is extremely cash intensive and represents about a one-third of[…]


Investment in Russian High Purity Quartz Production Project

Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Kuniharu Nakamura) will take a 28.69% participatory interest in LLC Russian Quartz (Head Office: Chelyabinsk State, Russia; CEO Leonid Kuzmin; hereinafter “RQ”) realizing its participation in a circa JPY5 billion (USD50 million) high purity quartz production project in Russia. High purity quartz is a powder[…]