Talk to us about various investment opportunities in HPQ Materials, and associated entities.
Investment Opportunities
Supply Chain Risk
Ask us how we can help minimise your raw material supply risk.
Talk to us about downstream solar manufacturing
opportunities in Australia.
Downstream Manufacturing
Talk to us about how we can help support your Manufacturing & Advanced
Materials Research projects.
Research Partnerships


HPQM is looking to work with partners who share the vision of supporting the growth of solar PV as a renewable energy source and also those participants in the semiconductor industry with a demand for or interest in our plans to produce advanced quartz materials.

Investment Opportunities
If you are interested in making an investment opportunity in HPQM please contact us.

Strategic Offtake Partners (Supply Chain Risk Mitigation)
With only two primary suppliers of High Purity Quartz globally, and with rapidly expanding demand for sand due to solar PV growth post the Paris COP21 climate conference, HPQ Materials can help to ensure your security of supply of High/Ultra-High Purity Quartz Sand. Talk to us about how we can help via the contact us section of the website.

Downstream Solar Manufacturing
HPQ Materials is investigating the feasibility of an option to establish an Australian based solar manufacturing industry. If you are interested in  our vision, or you are an existing Solar PV manufacturer looking for an Australian based opportunity, please talk to us about this via the contact us section of the website.

Research & Development Opportunities
HPQ Materials is a strong supporter of research-based activity. We are interested in supporting research in the quartz, solar, manufacturing, advanced materials space.

If you would like to work with HPQM, then please contact any of the HPQM team or drop us a line via the contact us section of the website.